If you are just getting started on your productivity journey, you are in a GREAT situation. You can optimize immediately and learn from what has worked for others and apply it to yourself where it makes sense. A gift that will pay off over the years.

But maybe you’ve been working for a while. What lessons do you WISH you learned years ago? If you had a time machine, what changes would you make to be more productive? And what’s stopping you from doing it now? It’s never to late.

In this episode, Brooks, Marmel, and I share the productivity lessons WE would implement if we started all over – what we’d like to know then and what helps us today.

Asking this question alone will be a powerful exercise, so benefit from our insights.

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Cheat sheet:

  • Top 3 Productivity Resources For This Week [3:07]
  • What is the most important thing in self-management? [6:43]
  • How do personality tests affect your productivity? [7:37]
  • Which paths do we often take when giving advice? [10:00]
  • How does self-awareness strengthen learning? [12:13]
  • Why is it important to use free information? [14:35]
  • Marmels tips for successful goal setting goal [16:45]
  • What are the community tips for a productivity reset? [23:34]
  • Brooks’ wise advice on accountability in the workplace [25:21]
  • Action steps you can take to incorporate today’s topic into your life. [28:39]


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