If you’ve done a little research on productivity, you’ve likely come across different systems like the TEA Framework, Getting Things Done, 12 Week Year, and many others. They all promise to help you become more productive and in this episode we are going to compare them all and by the end you will know which one is best for you.

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Cheat sheet:

  • Top 3 Productivity Resources For This Week. [3:00]
  • What is a productivity system in general? [6:05]
  • What is the TEA framework in general? [9:32]
  • How did Thanh find the TEA Framework helpful and who is it good for? [10:49]
  • What is GTD? [14:02]
  • Who is GTD best for? [18:12]
  • What is the 12 week year? [25:32]
  • Who is the 12 week year good for? [27:36]
  • What makes the 12-week year so exciting? [29:59]
  • What is a bullet journal? [30:52]


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