Because of the heavy workload, many people collapsed at work. Let’s see how you can solve this problem.

Isabelle got her first job in an international company. She is very happy about her new position, but mostly feels very stressed due to the difficult tasks and tight deadlines. Her boss didn’t have much time to guide her but gave her a brief explanation of how to prepare the required report. It took her a long time to figure out how to generate these reports herself. Since she is a budding clerk, her colleagues are happy to ask her to help with printing, coffee making, and all other trivial tasks. After working for a year, she is very tired.

For most subordinates, this is a typical situation. If some executives do not learn to say “no” in the workplace, they are faced with the same problem. I’m not saying that you have to say “no” to your colleagues on the first day at work. I mean learning to say “no” on the side.

You can’t please everyone!

Let’s be honest. You can’t please everyone. So learn to say no when necessary. You need to determine if you can say “no” to this person and if it would harm your career. This can shock you. You may think that having to say “no” to someone can be stressful. Studies have shown that the harder it is for you to say no, the more stressful you are, which can pose a triple threat to your health. It can lead to frustration, stress, and even burnout in the workplace. When your brain has to constantly look for ways to circumvent a rejection of a proposal, it releases dissolving substances.

If you find that you have to / want to decline a request, it means that your idea is more valuable. At work, a colleague may ask you to help prepare a presentation for the next week. Many people want to be “happy people”. Let everyone love you because you always say “yes” which is going to put your life under pressure. You may find it hard to refuse, if so, all you need to do is practice. For us, all new things require practice … music, exercise, even rejection.

Try to find as many situations as you can during the day and just say “no”. Go for a coffee and the barista asks if you want to add creamer to your coffee? You don’t have to explain why not, just say no. After the car is refueled, the seller asks if you’d like to add a car wash or some crunchy butter fritters. Say no when you don’t need it. Boost the power of the no today.

When you find yourself having to say “yes” to more important things, it doesn’t hurt much to say “no”.

When you find yourself having to say “yes” to more important things, it doesn’t hurt much to say “no”.

When you say no to someone there is no double meaning. It has to be firm but polite. Avoid adding phrases that make the person believe you are saying yes. Imagine telling your spouse that you don’t think you can go to your in-laws on Saturday. Your spouse’s mind turns into maybe, and when forced it suddenly turns yes. Get more powerful and say, “No, I have to enter a charity contest, which means a lot to me.” In many cases, you can even avoid saying no. If you attend a staff meeting, say hello to everyone, then say how many urgent tasks you have. People will think that you are not someone who can help them with their projects.

Please help

Saying “no” in the workplace is just as important as asking for help. Some employees are shy and think that when they ask for help at work, people despise them. They did not ask for help but tried to do the job on their own. There’s no shame in asking for help when needed. It saves time and can learn faster by having the right guidance and methods for completing tasks. As long as you study and write these steps correctly and make sure you don’t ask the same questions the second time, you can ask for help if you are unsure how to complete a particular task (z). Your manager will be happy to advise you as this will ensure that you are doing the right thing, the right way.

I wish you all a happy job!


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