How much do you focus on adding superfoods to your diet?

How about counting the hours you fast and making sure you don’t eat 5 minutes before your 16 hour window of intermittent fasting opens?

Do you choose your workout obsessed with the “best” exercises?

These details all count for something, but they are an illusion.

They say the devil is in the details.

But in fitness and nutrition, the details sometimes seem like the devil.

They get you to focus (and emphasize) on smaller decisions that don’t lead to bigger results.

If you want to change for the better, you cannot stress every decision.

This is what happens when you build your foundation.

And before you start building a foundation, you need to make sure that the blueprint looks like the house you plan to live in.

I’ll say it a thousand times: Many plans work. Most fail because they fail to consider the most important variable: you.

I’ll say it a thousand times: Many plans work. Most fail because they ignore the most important variable: you.

If you love carbohydrates, don’t base your diet on keto.

If you have little time to spend with friends and family, don’t start a program that requires exercise 6 days a week.

That doesn’t mean these are bad plans. There’s also no saying that one day you won’t end up there.

But if you want to get better tomorrow, you need a plan that gets better today.

Your foundation is a boulder. It is big. It takes time to move. But when it starts, the changes are dramatic.

The noticeable stuff are pebbles. Pebbles carry dust.

If you spend too much time kicking dirty, you will go blind and you will eat dust.


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